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Baby, Toddler, and Kids Apparel that Inspires Rad Behavior

Baby, Toddler, and Kids Apparel that Inspires Rad Behavior - LITTLE RAD THINGS

What's up guys?

Today on the blog I wanted to share more about our mission and why I personally design the graphic tees that we carry! So let's dive in. 

Our mission at the Little Rad Things is to craft rad and unique apparel that inspires kids to be their best. We carefully select products that are made for not only style, but also for comfort and durability, so that items last and your kids love wearing them. We curate the designs to speak to breaking away from the ordinary and really encourage kids to be extraordinary! 

When we (David and I) started this brand, we really wanted it to be about more than just unique clothes. Both David and I would agree that we have our own unique sense of style. I rarely like to wear things that other people are wearing and tend to mash/layer clothes in unique ways. 

So how did we come up with our mission?

Well after a weekend of discussions together, we charted out what we felt like our morals and beliefs that we had as a family for our kids - things that we are passionate about in relation to how our kids would grow up. Poof - that's how it began. 

We decided we are passionate about making them good human beings. We want them to be equal parts smart, kind, funny, and confident. We want our children to be a better generation than the previous - to take care and care for everyone. 

After we had the discussions we realized that we wanted to build a brand that stood for empowering the next generation and families to be better and do better for the world we live in, and so, with that, our mission was formed! 

Once we knew our mission, the fun work started - designing garments. That is when I went to work with a few designers to bring my visions for shirts alive. I wanted each piece in our initial launch inventory to relate back to that message, the message of being more than what society expects of you and being an extraordinary person.

As I worked through designs I thought of things that are equal parts cool, unique, and rad, mixed with our mission. So throughout our launch collection you see styles like a VW Bus paired with a racetrack, because it's bold and highly unlikely that a VW Bus would ever actually be in a race. (VW Bus's generally can't go much faster than 70 MPH depending on the model). 

You also see styles like the Bronco that are simple and yet so unique you know its from our brand by the classic LRT labeled on it. 

Overall, my favorite design from our launch collection was actually our Rockstar Tee, because it was the perfect representation to me of what I so desperately want kids to be - confident. 

In a world where suicide rates among children are rising, I truly believe that it is so important that we focus on empowering and teaching our children how to be confident. Not enough are we reinforcing to our kids that they are unique and special in their own right, that they shouldn't doubt themselves! 

I really feel in my heart that we are all rockstars, it's just a matter of us believing it and not listening to outside perceptions of what other individuals who are fighting their own battle have told us. 

This brand means so much to me, you mean so much to me. 

Thank you for being here and playing a part in getting our mission out into the world. 

Stay Swell,






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