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The SPARK Collection⚡️


 The SPARK. ⚡️

It's the moment you are born. 

The moment you experience your first love. 

The moment you hold your precious little baby. 

In life we experience sparks, moments that are nothing but an adrenaline rush. 

You know what I am talking about. Your heart beats so fast that you can't breathe, so you just keep trying. You're scared, excited, breathless, emotional, and more, all in one. 

It's a spark. 

I can say I am blessed.

In my life I have experienced so many sparks, and I bet you have too. 

I experienced a spark when I received a golf scholarship. A spark for getting my dream job, more than once. A spark for meeting my husband...

But nothing compares to the spark of meeting my kids. 

Our kids are endless sparks. 

A spark when you find out they're coming. A spark when they're here. A spark when they eat their first food. A spark when they say their first word, step their first step. and so much more. 

A spark when you realize they're you - a perfect mini version of you and the person who made you feel a spark. 

They're the perfect cocktail of endless sparks in your life, and the lives of others - so you hope. 

They're the spark that can cultivate change. 

They're the spark that can foster better ways. 

Welcome to the Little Rad Things, where sparks thrive. 

Our newest collection is all of the above. A collection made for the spark in our lives - our children. 

Clothes that match what they truly are - electric. They ignite the fire in us to do more, be more, and lead more. 

This collection is equal parts edgy and bold as it is soft and functional. Finally, a collection that matches what your little one is - ELECTRIC.


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