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The WHY Behind the Rockstar Graphic Tee

The WHY Behind the Rockstar Graphic Tee - LITTLE RAD THINGS

Did you know, rockstars are generally signified as a successful singer or musician and/or are also recognized as a person who is treated like a celebrity, especially when it comes to being idolized.

The term rockstar was never really identified until the 1950s, and often Elvis Pressley is associated as the original rockstar. By the 1970s the world not only had rockstars, but also rock music and the term rockstar became a national concept. 

To the Little Rad Things, the term rockstar is a way that we want children to dream big about their future. As a rockstar in society is idolized as a success status symbol, we want children to believe they are rockstars and can be just as successful. 

When I was designing our initial launch inventory for the Little Rad Things, I really wanted to create a shirt that spoke to empowering children to be confident. In today's world, it is so important that we preach confidence and self reassurance with our kids. 

Did you know...

The 2019 Youth Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System showed that 18.8% of high school students seriously considered attempting suicide and 8.9% actually attempted? In 2018 suicide was the second leading cause of death amongst 10-24-year-olds. 

It is absolutely gut wrenching to think about the bullying and social issues that our children face this day-and-age with the immersion of new technology. To think that a child of 10-years-of-age could think of ending their life is horrific. 

So, when designing clothes for our brand that is why I was so moved by our Rockstar Tee. It symbolizes everything that Little Rad Things stands for.

1). Being confident. You're a Rockstar and you are the raddest. 

2). Getting outside. If our kids spend more time outside and less time on their technology, there is less time for them to feel inadequate in relation to what they see online. 

3). The sign of love. You are loved and will always be loved, never forget it. 

We want to inspire kids to be confident and fulfilled each and every day through the clothing they wear, and that is what get's me so jazzed about the Rockstar Tee. I truly believe this tee embodies the powerful message that our kids ROCK and they should never feel as anything less.

Stay swell, 


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