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10 Educational Gifts for Kids in 2021

10 Educational Gifts for Kids in 2021 - LITTLE RAD THINGS

What's up rad ones?!

With the holidays drawing near, I thought today on the blog it would be fun to share my top 10 educational gift ideas for kids in 2021. 

In our house we are extremely passionate about early childhood development, as well as cultivating a lifestyle for our children that teaches them real life skills that will establish a better tomorrow. 

I believe that each one of these gift ideas is a great way to spark creativity and play time (without tablets)! 

1). Wonderbly

If you've been following  for a while, then you are likely aware with my obsession with books. Growing up, my dad was always reading. He spent time reading in the morning, when he went to the bathroom, and event before bed. Our house had a den that house a wall full of books - everything from Sci-Fi to Educational. I guess you could say my dad was obsessed with imagination and progression. 

So it's no surprise that my number one gift for the Little Rad Things in our lives would be a book. 

I love Wonderbly because the books are personalized to relate to the child that is reading them, helping to captivate their attention further in a world that is full of easier distractions (cough, cough, Blippi and Cocomelon). 

We have a few Wonderbly books for Paxton and he absolutely adores them. So this year I am looking forward to getting one for Jaxon! 

2). Little Passports

It's the gift that keeps on giving. If your LRT is over the age of two, you might want to check out Little Passports! LP is a subscription-based service that provides travel-inspired toys for your little. 

Give them the gift of learning about the world through immersive experiences with Little Passports. 

3).  Alphabet Flash Cards

Nothing says learning more than alphabet flash cards for your LRT. With animals and different shapes on them, your little one is sure to learn something and love interacting with you with this color-contrasted flash cards. 

We don't have this exact pair at our house (I snagged some from the Target dollar rack a while back), but they're really similar to ours!

Here is another option if you'd rather have shapes and animals!

4). V-Tech Sit to Stand Alphabet Train

Calling all boy moms! This train is a household favorite for the Fero family. This was gifted to Paxton for his first birthday from a family friend, and boy has it been an amazing toy. What I love about this train the most is that it pairs blocks, letters, numbers, and animals all in an interactive toy. 

Paxton is able to ride it around, as well as mix and match the blocks. I believe this has helped with his recognition of shapes, colors, and numbers! 

5). Mega Bloks

If you don't already have them, get your LRT some mega blocks! This 80-piece set is perfect for little hands to test their problem solving skills. We have more blocks than I can count anymore at our house, but what's some more? 

I guess at least they're not Legos I am stepping on... yet...

6). Banana Panda - Memory Game

Strengthen their memory skills with a new game of mix and match! This game contains thick pieces for your toddler and is perfect for travel. So if you're off for a winter vacation soon, maybe pull this present out before the official holidays!

7). Water Drawling Mat


As someone who loves exploring my creative side, this water mat is beyond cool. Your LRTs can draw on it - mess free! Another fun feature about this mat is that the drawings aren't permanent (which I know can be sad for us sentimental moms out there). 

8). VTech Kidibeats Drum Set

Music is a huge focal point in our household. Both of my parents had records and a record player when I was growing up - plus they used to laugh because I would belt out some Shania Twain on our old CD sound system back in the day. 

I have always loved music and dance, because it is such a positive form of expression. 

That is where you can tell Paxton is my chid to the core. We have a record player in our house and love pulling our my dads records (the Eagles, BeeGees - you name it)! 

With Paxton's love of music, we decided to buy him a drum set last Christmas (when he turned one). Now he is starting to pick up on the concept of drumming and keeping time, and it is so cool to watch! I 10/10 recommend this drum set for a fun mix of educational and play. 

9). Color Changing Sink

Does your LRT ever emulate what you do? Ours sure does! Paxton always wants to be in the thick of what mommy or daddy is up to.

We enjoy giving Paxton some toys that let him feel like he is contributing to the household. Now, as a big brother to Jaxon, he finds so much pride in helping us with his brother. He gets him diapers if we ask, and tries to pat Jaxon's back when he is upset.

So, when I found this adorable sink that lets you fill it with water it was hard for me to pass it up. 

10). Melissa and Doug Let's Play House


Along the same lines of the sink, you could buy this fun clean-up play set! Melissa and Doug make the best toys, and this set enables your little one to learn all about cleaning. 

If you're anything like us, you vaccuum your house practically every day. We love this set because it allows Paxton to once again copy us and learn good behavioral habits at a young age.

What's that saying, if you teach them young you teach them right?


Each one of these toys will help stimulate your child and teach them something about the world that they live in. At our house, we prioritize stimulation through activity and try to limit technology usage. 

I hope you love these ideas, and if you purchase any of them shoot me a message @thelittleradthings. 



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