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A Tie Dye Hoodie That's Dreamy For Fall

A Tie Dye Hoodie That's Dreamy For Fall - LITTLE RAD THINGS

Ok guys, let's be real. 

The transition from Summer to Fall can be rough. The kids like to go, go, go, but you struggle with dressing them to stay warm even though their body is running hot already from all of the going. 

I get it. 

As a mom of two boys myself, I know that it can be a challenge to find high quality Fall pieces that are soft and lightweight for your little rad thing. 

I personally used to get so frustrated with the quality of hoodies I would buy for my dudes in the Fall. Always stiff, never soft, and usually straight from China. 

That's why it was so important to me, after we officially opened Little Rad Things in the Winter of 2022 to create a hoodie that is not only super dope, but also super comfortable.

I was stoked when we launched the Stay Swell Tie-Dye Hoodie. 

It's not often you find the softest hoodie on the planet, that is also insanely trendy. 

I love this hoodie so much, can you tell (haha). 

It features hand-dyed blue and white pattern, as well as the Little Rad Things O.G. logo on the chest, and a reminder to stay swell on the sleeve. 

It's ultra lightweight, yet still warm and cozy. 

It's a hoodie that was made in America that you are going to love. 


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