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Little Rad Reps: Ethan Williams

Little Rad Reps: Ethan Williams - LITTLE RAD THINGS

I think one of my favorite things about the Little Rad Things is really the community of moms I have had the privilege to connect with and get to know. When I started the process of opening my business, I never considered the strong and impactful bonds I would make. 

It's been so amazing to see the evolution of my Little Rad Reps team. A team of rocking moms who love rad fashion, but also believe their kids can change the world if they're showed the way. 

I want the world to know how awesome these kids and moms are, so welcome to our first Little Rad Reps feature. 

Randa and Ethan Williams are a special duo. They found Little Rad Things through Randa's sister, who I used to work with in my previous career in health and fitness. As an early follower of LRT, Randa and Ethan have been a tremendous part of the brands life. They have seen us go from 100 followers to nearly 7K between Instagram and TikTok, and on the flip side I have seen Ethan go from a fresh toddler to now a little boy. 

In today's blog, learn more about Ethan - a rad kid with an infectious smile and aspirations to be his mama when he grows up (nothing is much sweeter than that!)


What is your favorite outside thing to do?  

Ethan's favorite thing to do outside is to play on the playground.  We like exploring new parks around town on the weekends.

Transportin' Good Vibes - The Little Rad Things


What is your favorite food?  

When asked, Ethan said his favorite food is carrots, but he really likes to dip carrots in hummus and just eat the hummus.  He also loves yogurt.

What would you be if you could be anything when you grow up? 

Ethan says he wants to be his mom when he grows up.  She won't let him be an Accountant.  He is currently obsessed with fast cars and fire trucks, so maybe a Nascar driver or Fire Fighter is in his future?

This might be the cutest answer ever! 

The Astro - Little Rad Things


How do you help others?  

Ethan helps his mom and teachers by using his listening ears. . . sometimes. He likes to help pick up and fold the "little towels" (wash cloths) when mama and daddy do laundry.

What are you thankful for?  

He is usually thankful for his toys.  If we are ever away from home overnight, he goes to his room to tell his toys he has missed them. He is also thankful for his little brother and loves to give him hugs and kisses.

The Raddest Holidays Tee - The Little Rad Things


What is your favorite book?  

Ethan loves to read and will have the same book read to him over and over again.  His favorite book is The Little Excavator.


The Astro - Little Rad Things

What’s your favorite thing from LRT?  Ethan couldn't decide on a favorite.  He chose both his Camo LRT logo tee and his Astro tee.

Follow Ethan --> @those_williams_boys

The Mama leading the boy >> Randa

Little Rad Reps Feature Blog Ethan

How do you lead every day?

My tip is to expect failure in yourself because no one is perfect. You should give yourself some grace when you fail, followed by apologizing to whoever you have failed for however it is you have failed them. Screamed at your kids? Sit them down an apologize and ask for forgiveness. Didn't give yourself grace? Apologize to yourself. Messed up on something at work, acknowledge your mistake and how you will do better next time. Perfection is a myth and people appreciate humility in other people. 



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