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Managing Work With Sick Kids

Managing Work With Sick Kids - LITTLE RAD THINGS

Let's face it, no one enjoys when their kids are sick. Between the pain, boogers, and more that you can't cure for your kid, you're likely now having to make a major shift to your day to help nurse your little rad thing back to radtacular shape. 

If you're anything like me, sick days are hard. 

As a creature built on habits, when my day doesn't go 100% to the plan in my head when I wake up, well, then the day is tough. Call it what you want, but I call it stressful. So when I wake up to a coughing little, the alarm tends to go off in my head blaring, "ALERT, ALERT."

This Winter has been particularly rough in our house when it comes to colds. It seems that the Fero family, well, we have had just about everything under the sun since 2022 began. For our house, that means the kids get to stay home with mommy - which can be quite a challenge given a full-time job and a blooming business. 

Taking care of the kids on an average day is hard work, let alone when they are under the weather! 

If you've danced this dance before, you know how hard it is. One moment you're thinking you are going to have an insanely productive day and the next minute you're processing the fact that you have to continue your daily grind with a little dude or dudette with you! 

It's not easy balancing the kids and work throughout the course of the day; however, it can be done. Today I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks for really owning your day, despite your children being under the weather. 

Nap times are key. 

Whoever said sleep when the baby sleeps really probably didn't accomplish much. That is not to say you can't enjoy a solid sleep session here and there, but to really maximize ones day, you need to own those times when your littles are napping. When my kids are sick, they generally sleep more. I try my best to be 100% present with them when they are sick and awake, and the minute their eyes shut I am on my grind powering away at tasks that need to get done. 

Own the multi-task.

As Mama's (or dads) I think the power of the multitasking session during the day is one of the most key ways to be effective. I once read a book that said no one is actually good at multitasking, and that as women we are delusional for thinking we do many things well. 

Well, writer of that book, I am living proof that multitasking can work. David would even attest to the power of women multitasking. 

I think the biggest takeaway here is multitask smarter, not harder. Don't multitask on several projects that require brain power at once, but pair what is easy with what is taxing on your brain. 

For example, I always try to strategically multitask in relation to time. So if I can do laundry while I bang out a project or load the dishwasher and be on a meeting, I do it. Do your best to pair the monotonous with the taxing, because odds are you will be able to handle the taxing job well while doing something that is (for the most part) mindless. 

Do what you need to. 

As parents we can be our worst critic. When are kids are healthy they only get one episode of Blippi or one packet of fruit snacks. I am a believer that when my littles are sick it's OK to bend the rules some. Generally, Paxton gets more television time then he usually does in an entire week! I also am the worst at giving him treats if he wants one, so long as he doesn't have a stomach ache. 

My point is, if your little one is sick, don't feel bad about doing what you need to do to help them feel better and occupy them so you can keep your sanity. 

Snuggle up. 

One of my favorite things to do with the boys when they are sick is to snuggle. While I always snuggle my dudes, it goes to an entirely different level when the kids are sick. We usually post up in our California King with their favorite show on, and I bring my laptop into bed and snuggle as closely as I can to them. 

It's amazing how fulfilling it is when your kids want only to be with you when they're sick, as weird as that sounds! 

I always do my best to be as productive as I can with my boys when they are sick, but it is always tough! Kids are the best thing in the world, and it is so awful to see them not feel well. While each parent's work situation is different, I always think it is so important to remember that as long as you give your life 100% than you are doing the best you can. 

I want my children to look back on their childhood and when they were sick and think that their mother did an amazing job and nursing them back to help, as well as kicking total (you know) in the workplace at the same time. 

I hope you've had a healthier Winter than we have! 

Stay Swell, Rad Ones. 


Sidebar: Depending on the level of sickness, please note that taking off work when your kid is 100% acceptable. I am fortunate to have flexible work that understands kids, so I typically can still work and manage the boys too. 


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