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The WHY Behind The Astro Baseball Graphic Tee

The WHY Behind The Astro Baseball Graphic Tee - LITTLE RAD THINGS

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated by space. There is something so intriguing and captivating about the endless universe of outer space. 

I find it so interesting that we don't know how far space actually goes, if there is other life out there, and how many other solar systems there are. It all just makes me feel insanely small when I really try to wrap my brain around it. 

Anyway, today on the blog I wanted to share with you my vision behind our Astro Tee and Onesie.  

You see, when I think about space I often also think about ourselves and how we, as humans, are pretty endless when it comes to innovation. As humans, we continuously evolve and learn more. We are always growing, taking on new challenges, and pushing the limits to see what we can accomplish.

So when I first started planning for the Little Rad Things launch collection, I figured an astronaut shirt needed to be in the mix. I mean space is one of the top trends that kids are fascinated by, right?

Paxton is such a huge fan of space! If you are new here, welcome! Paxton is my two-going on twelve-year-old. There is so much personality in that little body of his, bless his heart. 

Anyway, knowing how space ties into human achievement I thought hmm... maybe there is something to that.

As I continued to plan my vision for Little Rad Things, I never expected how deep my vision for the astronaut tee would go. As our brand has evolved, so did my concept for the design. At first it was an astronaut, but then after I crafted our mission, I realized I wanted it to be an astronaut with the saying, "Live Limitlessly," on it. 

You see, astronauts like humans explore unknown territory. Just like us humans who don't go to space explore the unknown every day...

Think of it like this: babies explore the world, toddlers explore even more of the world, and then adults explore new inventions (unless someone tells us we can't). 

I wanted the Astro to represent living without the fear of what us adults can get into our heads - that we can't do something, because the reality is we can do anything as long as we don't put limits on ourselves. 

I know, because I am a living example. If I listened to most adults, I would have never started Little Rad Things; however, I listened to my inner child voice of believing there are no limits and I went for it. Here I am nine months later with an amazing store and community of like-minded people who believe in teaching our kids that they can accomplish anything. 

The Astro is meant to empower our kids to live without those limitations, to set audacious goals and work tirelessly after them - because if man can walk on the moon (ages ago now) than what can our kids do?

If you have the Astro or are looking to buy it, I hope you love it as much as I do. Remember to reinforce the belief to your little that the sky isn't even the limit, and that they can do anything they put enough work into. 

If you have picture of them in the Astro, please tag us @thelittleradthings on Instagram - I would love to see them! 

Seeing your kids in our clothes makes my DAY. 

Stay Swell,



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